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PUBLISHED ON  May 23, 2019

WRITTEN BY  Roni Zeiger

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An Opportunity I Can’t Resist

With both sadness and excitement, I am leaving the wonderful team and communities at Smart Patients. I’m proud of what we’ve built over the last 7 years and am confident the team will continue to do outstanding work. It’s been awesome to learn from the thousands of community members who support each other everyday with kindness and wisdom.

As for what’s next, I’ll be joining Facebook as their new Head of Health Strategy, doubling down on my commitment to peer …


PUBLISHED ON  October 14, 2010

WRITTEN BY  Roni Zeiger

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No social network Rx? Malpractice!

Because I’m a doctor and I know a lot of people in the health care space, people ask me all the time for referrals. A friend with a newly diagnosed autoimmune disease, a loved one with a terrifying cancer sentence – who should I talk to?? I used to depend on the amazing clinical colleagues I’ve worked with, and I still do (ongoing thanks to all of you!). But recent experience with a newly diagnosed relative, I realized: the place …