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PUBLISHED ON  June 17, 2009

WRITTEN BY  Roni Zeiger

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Who Is the Most Important Stakeholder in Health Care?

Like many other doctors, patients, and President Obama, I’ve been thinking about Atul Gawande’s brilliant piece in the New Yorker on the root causes of spiraling health care costs in the U.S. One aspect that has not yet been given enough air-time is what role patients should play in this discussion. Gawande describes a thought experiment performed by him and a cardiac surgeon:

A cardiologist tells an elderly woman that she needs bypass surgery and has Dr. Dyke see her.


PUBLISHED ON  March 24, 2009

WRITTEN BY  Roni Zeiger

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The Last Mile Problem in Health

We have a critical last-mile problem in the healthcare industry: getting from a doctor’s prescription to a patient regularly taking her medication. The “last-mile problem” usually refers to the challenge of laying the final stretch of wire or cable to each individual home when providing telephone or internet service. Healthcare has its own last-mile problem that is approximately the distance from the medicine cabinet to the patient’s mouth. And the fundamental cause is inadequate patient-physician communication.

This doesn’t seem like …