A friend gave me Andrew Simonet’s Making Your Life as an Artist, and I was delighted because I secretly want to run an art studio where we make art about health and life. Turns out, I’m already an artist, you probably are too, and this little book is a gem.

Keep the focus on why you’re really doing what you do. Here’s precious guidance from this little book:

I think of careers like scaffolding, those metal and wood structures you put up when you are building a house. The scaffolding is important. Pay attention to it. But it is not the house. If you focus all your efforts on the scaffolding, you end up with a lovely scaffolding and nowhere to live. Your career is not your work; your career supports your work.

On your vision and how to actually achieve it, Andrew offers this:

Make the dream bigger, and the steps to get there smaller.

Put yourself out there and find co-conspirators. In my view, this is key both to making your dreams come true and having a ton of fun along the way:

Once you have a strong articulation of your mission, lead with it. Let people know why you do what you do, and more people will connect and partner with you.

Have you put your mission, your professional purpose, into words? Write it down. Use pencil, because it will change, plus then you won’t feel pressure to get it perfect. Then tell the world! How else will people know they’re supposed to work with you?

Making your life as an artist (We are all artists!)

Andrew did actually write this for artists, but it’s for all of us who need to create something. At the link above, you download a free PDF copy of the book, or buy a copy for yourself or someone you want to inspire or thank.